UX for a
dignified future.

Maplab is a strategic design studio that brings a human-centered approach to creating digital experiences.

Two persons, co-creating

Designs rooted in empathy

We focus on understanding users and co-creation with clients to find that sweet spot where user needs, business objectives, and engineering possibilities align.


Merging business objectives and user needs in unexpected ways

There is no one-size-fits-all design solution. Sometimes, research reveals that the ideal approach is also an unexpected one.

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Respecting patient data without cumbersome passwords

Keeping personal data private is essential, both for ethical reasons and to be HIPAA compliant – but the user shouldn’t bear the burden.

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Saving lives and fostering independence

Telemedicine for the elderly provides the priceless gift of preserved independence – but to ensure adoption, the products must take their unique needs and abilities into account.

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Need a hand in creating a better future?

Co-create with our diverse team and design strategically to foster sustainable growth.